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NIHR Signal Rotavirus vaccine estimated to have saved the NHS £12.5 million a year
The introduction of the rotavirus vaccine in July 2013 has reduced rates of infectious diarrhoea (acute gastroenteritis) in children up to five years by 15%, with a 41% reduction during February to April, when rotavirus incidence is traditionally high. This NIHR-funded study used time series data to calculate the fall in infectious diarrhoea episodes after the introduction of the vaccine. The resulting reduced contact with the NHS was estimated to have saved the NHS in England £12.5 milli...
NIHR Signal Dealing with a measles outbreak cost 20 times that of increasing vaccination cover
New research show that the total cost of the 2012-13 measles outbreak in Merseyside (£4.4 million) was more than twenty times the cost of the vaccinations that could have prevented it (£182,909). The cost incorporated for the first time estimates of lost employment from having measles or looking after someone with it, and accounted for 44% (£2 million) of the total. Other costs included treatment of patients and public health costs, such as tracing and vaccinating people in c...
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