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NIHR Signal Large ten-year trial on treatment of localised prostate cancer will aid management decisions
New, long-term research indicates that active monitoring, with prompt treatment if needed, may be a better option than radical surgery or radiotherapy for many men who have prostate cancer if it’s confined to the prostate gland. In the ProtecT trial, after an average of ten years, few men died of prostate cancer and there was no difference in survival between men receiving active monitoring and those who had radical treatments (which caused unpleasant side effects). But active monitoring d...
NIHR Signal A statin drug during admission for heart surgery did not prevent an irregular heart beat
The statin, rosuvastatin, taken by adults before and after heart surgery, did not prevent atrial fibrillation or heart muscle injury compared to placebo. Acute kidney injury was more common for adults who received rosuvastatin. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a type of irregular heart rhythm which is relatively common after heart surgery. A previous review of published research suggested that atrial fibrillation might be half as common with perioperative atorvastatin therapy, but the evidence was n...
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