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NIHR Signal Gallbladder surgery through a single-incision is more risky than a multiple incision technique
Single-incision keyhole gallbladder removal surgery carries increased risk of adverse events, such as puncturing the gallbladder, compared with the more standard multiple-incision procedures. However, in experienced hands, there may be benefits such as reduced pain and less scarring after the operation. Current guidance recognises that using a single incision for laparoscopic cholecystectomy is more complex than using multiple incisions. The risks and benefits of all options available for pat...
NIHR Signal Following programmes to improve recovery after surgery linked to shorter hospital stays
Reduced compliance with enhanced recovery protocols was associated with more days in hospital after keyhole bowel surgery, an increased likelihood of readmission and complications. Enhanced recovery, also known as fast track access, is considered standard practice but there is considerable variation in what this means and how this is implemented locally. This systematic review included 34 studies where protocols were used to enhance recovery after laparoscopic colorectal resection surgery. The ...
NIHR Signal New technique for repairing the bowel inside the body is safe
After removal of a section of cancerous bowel the ends need to be stitched back together. In endoscopic (keyhole) surgery this is usually done by pulling both ends out through a small hole in the skin and stitching them outside the body, before pushing the joined bowel back inside. This is called extracorporeal anastamosis. Alternatively stitching the bowel inside the body, intracorporeal anastomosis, may reduce the risk of damage, but is technically demanding. This review found that stitching...
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