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NIHR Signal Insights into the transfer between children’s and adults’ services for young people with selected long-term conditions
How young people with type 1 diabetes, autistic spectrum disorder and cerebral palsy experience the transition to adult services depends on their condition and locality. Adult and children’s services need to work together to ensure they are offering young people the sources of support and resilience they need. This NIHR-funded study found that children with type 1 diabetes were more likely to receive help shown to aid transition. For example, around two-thirds said they had met a member o...
NIHR Signal Starting antiretroviral therapy immediately after HIV diagnosis reduces transmission of the virus
Giving antiretroviral therapy to people newly diagnosed with HIV may be an effective and cost-effective way of reducing new infections. Increased HIV testing in at-risk populations may identify more people for treatment and also reduce infection rates. Using data from a number of sources including NIHR funded projects, researchers developed a computer simulation model. The model looked at the relationship between HIV infections, sexual risk behaviours and antiretroviral therapy over a 30 year p...
NIHR Signal Simple preventive actions by parents linked to fewer child injuries
Education is promoted as a way to tackle the scale of avoidable injuries to young children. Children have two to five times the risk of an accident leading to injury if a parent leaves them on a raised surface, places hot drinks within reach, or does not put medicines away straight after use. For example, children are also more than twice as likely to attend hospital for falling on stairs if their parent leaves stair gates open or does not use them. In this NIHR-funded study, parental behaviou...
NIHR Signal Acupuncture shown to have benefits for treatment of some chronic pain
Acupuncture is not a placebo for treatment of chronic pain. This NIHR-funded systematic review shows that acupuncture is better than usual care and sham acupuncture for pain from musculoskeletal conditions, knee osteoarthritis and chronic headache. This NIHR review was large with over 140 trials overall, and the direct comparison with sham acupuncture helps to address uncertainty around whether acupuncture gives clinical benefit above a “placebo effect.” Acupuncture had a smaller ef...
NIHR Signal Men find self-testing acceptable to test for sexually transmitted infections
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are common and treatable but men are more reluctant than women to have a test. Self-testing is known to be accurate, but can men use this more? Most men aged 18-35 would be willing to collect and send off a urine sample using a kit to test for STIs, according to a national survey. GP surgeries were the most popular place to collect kits, followed by pharmacies and sexual health clinics. Other venues might be useful extra places to distribute testing kits ...
NIHR Signal Research highlights the challenges of preventing diabetes with group education sessions
In people at high risk of type 2 diabetes, the educational programme ‘Let’s prevent’ had minimal impact on blood sugar control, and cholesterol. Overall it did not prevent people developing diabetes, though the risk was reduced for the 29% of people who attended all three sessions. The NIHR-funded trial compared three educational sessions plus telephone support with usual care. The main difficulty was recruitment and attendance. Only 19% of people at high risk of type 2 diabet...
NIHR Signal Long lasting ulcers below the knee are more common than previously thought
Long lasting leg or foot ulcers, those that take more than six weeks to heal, affect about 15 in every 10,000 people. They are expensive to treat and often affect people with other health problems too. This estimate was higher than expected. Based on the previous state of knowledge it was thought that 5 in every 10,000 people, at any one time, had open leg ulcers. The researchers thought these estimates were imprecise and wanted to improve them. A five-year programme on complex wounds has highl...
NIHR Signal Education and the offer of support help GPs spot early signs of psychosis
The Liaison with Education and General Practices (LEGS) trial found that a tailored education session doubled the early identification and referral of people with, or at risk of, psychotic illness compared to a postal educational campaign or practice as usual. An allocated mental health professional provided the session to each GP practice and repeated it one year later, in addition to offering ongoing access to them for support and advice. It was also the most cost-effective intervention main...
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