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NIHR Signal Video or Facebook pages describing normality seem to reduce sexually transmitted infections in youth
Brief interventions of up to 30 mins that focus on what is normal healthy behaviour and include video or new media, may help reduce sexually transmitted infections in youth under 25. The rates of infections such as HIV and chlamydia fell in some examples. The uptake of testing improved and self-reported risky behaviour reduced in this review of programmes for young people. Another analysis looked at similar short counselling interventions for men who have sex with men. Effective interventions t...
NIHR Signal Financial incentives change health-related behaviour in the short term, but effects may not be sustained
This comprehensive review found that financial incentives were effective in changing individual health behaviours in the short term but not, in the few studies to look at longer term effects, beyond 18 months. Improvements stopped soon after the incentive was removed, though lasted a little longer for smoking cessation. Of the 34 studies included in this review most related to smoking, healthy eating and/or physical activity; no studies relating to alcohol consumption were found. Research was of...
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