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NIHR Signal Propranolol generally safe in treating childhood haemangioma birthmarks
Treating ‘infantile haemangioma’ strawberry birthmarks with oral propranolol is known to be effective and in this review was associated with low levels of adverse events. The most common adverse events included coldness in the hands and feet, diarrhoea, sleep disorders and upper respiratory infections. More serious problems such as low blood pressure, slow heart rate, over-reactivity of the airways and low blood sugar were also reported. Though rare, parents and prescribers need to ...
NIHR Signal Intermittent inhaled steroids reduce asthma attacks in wheezing preschool children
Regular daily steroid inhalers reduce the number of severe asthma exacerbations requiring soluble tablets or injections in wheezing preschool children by about a third. Intermittent high-dose steroid inhalers, given only when symptoms of a cold begin, were also effective for children with occasional asthma or wheezing triggered by a virus. This strategy may reduce the overall dose of steroids given to these children, though adverse effects may still occur. Wheezing is initially treated with a ...
NIHR Signal Simple approaches to weight management of children and adolescents in primary care may not work
Brief education and motivational interventions delivered by primary care professionals in several short consultations had only a marginal effect on weight loss among overweight or mildly obese children and young people. Obesity can cause immediate health and wellbeing issues in children but also has significant implications for their long term health. Given that many of these health problems will present in a primary care setting, commissioners have been interested in primary care based program...
NIHR Signal Kangaroo mother care may boost the survival of newborn, premature babies
Kangaroo mother care reduced the death rate of newborns by around a quarter compared with conventional care, according to a review of studies from around the world. Other positive outcomes included lower risk of neonatal sepsis, hypothermia, hypoglycaemia, hospital readmission and higher exclusive breast feeding rates. Kangaroo care definitions vary by study, but typically promote mother and baby skin-to-skin contact, sometimes in combination with other elements like promoting breast feeding, a...
NIHR Signal Heated, humidified high-flow oxygen therapy may be a useful alternative to other forms of respiratory support for preterm babies
This review found that heated, humidified high-flow oxygen therapy by nose was a safe and effective alternative to other non-invasive methods for supporting breathing for preterm babies. It was less likely to cause nasal injury compared with other methods that used nose tubes. Oxygen therapy is commonly used as a form of breathing support for preterm babies with respiratory distress syndrome, a common complication of premature delivery that makes it hard for a baby to breathe. High-flow therapy ...
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