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NIHR Signal Diabetes self-management education leads to better blood sugar control
Diabetes self-management education can lead to greater, and clinically important, reductions in blood sugar levels than usual care or other control treatments. Self-management programmes were most effective in people with higher blood sugar levels to start with, and when they involved ten or more hours of contact time, although there was no indication that programmes running over a longer overall period of time were more effective. The interventions were very diverse so the optimal intervention...
NIHR Signal Motivational interviewing may encourage healthy eating in people with type 2 diabetes
A motivational communication approach may help people with type 2 diabetes eat more healthily, but may be no better than usual care for changing other behaviours or improving health. The technique involves exploring any ambivalence to change, listening and reflecting non-judgmental questions back to people, alongside helping them to set agendas for changing habits and behaviours. In this review, a range of different professionals conducted the interviews. This review of 14 trials looked at a ra...
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