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NIHR Signal Group education linked to a lower chance of diabetes, for those who stick with the course
People at high risk of type 2 diabetes, who attend all three sessions of a diabetes prevention programme, are about 88% less likely to get diabetes than those who received leaflets only. But the people at highest risk may also be those least likely to start or complete the programme. If confirmed in practice, the programme could delay diabetes in about 4% of those who attend all sessions. This study looks back to reassess data from a large NIHR trial in the UK. The study aims to see whether suc...
NIHR Signal Weight loss surgery for obesity can lead to substantial weight loss and improved health outcomes
On average people lost 5 kg more in each of the first four months after weight loss surgery than those of a similar weight who did not undergo surgery. The risks of developing type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure were reduced. Surgery was linked to reduced risk of heart disease and sleep-related breathing problems. Those entering the trial had an average BMI of 44.7 kg/m2. Rates of obesity are high in the UK, around a quarter of the adult population is obese, and rising every year. Obesity i...
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