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NIHR Signal Medication to reduce stomach acid may increase risk of hip fractures
People who take proton pump inhibitors for digestive disorders such as stomach ulcers and acid reflux may be up to 24% more likely to experience hip fractures. Nevertheless, the benefits of treatment in an individual may outweigh this effect unless the risk of osteoporosis or fracture is high. A conversation between the prescriber and the individual patient on relative risks should help in a treatment decision. The link may be important for people taking these drugs, especially if they have ot...
NIHR Signal Bisphosphonates help prevent fractures in men with low bone density
This systematic review found that bisphosphonate drugs, taken for at least six months, improved bone density and lowered fracture risk in men with low bone density, compared with a placebo or supplements (calcium alone or with vitamin D). Bisphosphonates have been extensively researched for treating women with low bone density after the menopause, but this was the first review to look at their use in men. Significantly, the review looked not only at bone density measurements, but also at fractur...
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