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NIHR Signal Vaginal cleansing before caesarean delivery reduces risk of infections
Cleaning the vagina with an antiseptic solution before a caesarean delivery halves the risk of subsequent womb infection. This evidence applies mainly to women who are having a caesarean delivery when already in labour or if their waters have broken. Womb infections can occur up to six weeks after giving birth and are more common after caesarean delivery. Symptoms include fever, pain and increased vaginal discharge. This review included 4,837 women who had a planned or unplanned caesarean deli...
NIHR Signal A new method for monitoring baby’s heart beat during labour probably not justified
A new way of monitoring a baby’s distress during labour, called ST waveform analysis, did not improve outcomes for the baby or reduce the likelihood of a caesarean section compared to current practice. Although monitoring of babies’ heartbeats during labour is common practice in the UK, additional ST analysis is not commonly used and on the basis of this evidence probably should not be promoted for routine use yet. The outcomes measured in this review included death of the baby befo...
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