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NIHR Signal A behavioural intervention for obese pregnant women did not reduce risk of diabetes
This large NIHR-funded UK trial found that a behavioural intervention for obese pregnant women did not reduce their risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy, or having a baby born too large for the duration of pregnancy (large-for-dates). However, the intervention did reduce the mothers’ weight gain slightly and increased their physical activity. Women received advice about healthy eating and exercise alongside training in specific behavioural techniques. Hour-long sessions with a heal...
NIHR Signal Giving obese pregnant women metformin had no effect on baby’s weight at birth
A large trial found that giving obese pregnant women the diabetes drug, metformin, to prevent heavier babies, had no effect compared with an inactive dummy tablet. The trial was funded by the NIHR and Medical Research Council, and was the first to give metformin, a diabetes drug that is safe in pregnancy, to pregnant women without type 2 diabetes for this purpose. There are theoretical reasons why the medication may help in reducing a baby’s birthweight and previous studies had shown link...
NIHR Signal Weight-loss surgery dramatically reduces risk of diabetes
This NIHR-funded study found that very obese adults who had weight-loss surgery were 80% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes within 7 years than similar obese adults who did not have weight-loss surgery. The study data came from a large UK-wide database of general practices which was representative of the UK population. The treatment and monitoring of people in the study was realistic and typical of current routine clinical practice, increasing its applicability to the UK.
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