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NIHR Signal Diet and exercise programmes can prevent diabetes in high-risk individuals
Lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of diabetes by about 40% and overall prevents about four high-risk individuals in 100 developing type 2 diabetes each year. The risk remained low for an average of about seven years after the intervention, but effects did decline over time. Medications including the weight-loss drug orlistat and diabetes drug metformin also reduced risk. But in contrast, there was no evidence of sustained effect after stopping treatment. Type 2 diabetes accounts for a large...
NIHR Signal Study shows no benefit of an antibiotic for acute asthma
The antibiotic azithromycin did not reduce symptoms or change other outcomes in adults seeking emergency care for an acute asthma attack. However people not already taking antibiotics were hard to find and the trial failed to enrol enough people to answer the research question. In this UK-based trial, people with asthma who received azithromycin on top of standard treatment with corticosteroids had no better symptoms ten days later than people who received corticosteroids alone. Almost half of...
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