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NIHR Signal Public health interventions may offer society a return on investment of £14 for each £1 spent
Each £1 invested in public health interventions could offer an average return on investment to the wider health and social care economy of £14. This systematic review looked at 52 studies where the return on each £1 ranged from -£21.3 to £221. Legislative interventions such as sugar taxes, and health protection interventions such as vaccination programmes, gave the highest returns on investment. Interventions such as anti-stigma campaigns, blood pressure monitoring...
NIHR Signal Education targeted at both parents and GPs reduces antibiotic prescribing for children
Interventions aimed at improving communication between GPs and parents could reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing for childhood upper respiratory infections, such as the common cold. Inappropriate use of antibiotics has contributed to antibiotic resistance, resulting in impossible or difficult to treat infections. Parents, as well as GPs, influence the decision to prescribe antibiotics. Educational interventions that target both groups appear to be more effective at reducing prescriptions ...
NIHR Signal Reducing street lighting doesn’t lead to more road traffic accidents or crime
This NIHR study found that reducing or adapting street lighting was not linked to more road traffic accidents or crime in the UK. Many local authorities have changed their street lighting in recent years – switching off entirely, switching off for part of the night, dimming, or changing to energy efficient LED bulbs – to save money and meet local carbon emission targets. There was concern from the public and media that road traffic accidents and crime might rise as a result, but this...
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