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NIHR Signal Alternative drug may prevent atrial fibrillation following heart surgery
After heart surgery around a third of people have atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm, which impedes their recovery and lengthens hospital stay. Colchicine treatment could reduce this complication by about a third. About 11 people would need this treatment to prevent one of them developing atrial fibrillation. Using amiodarone, an alternative drug commonly used in this situation, other research shows that about seven people would be treated to prevent one person suffering fibrillation...
NIHR Signal Home-based cardiac rehabilitation may be a convenient alternative to centre-based rehabilitation
Home-based cardiac rehabilitation for people with heart failure is safe and effective. It improved exercise capacity slightly compared to care without cardiac rehabilitation, and may also be more convenient than centre-based rehabilitation as more people completed treatment. This updated review included 19 trials, with seven from the UK. The home-based rehabilitation mostly took the form of aerobic exercise, though some included resistance training and there was wide variation in the nature and...
NIHR Signal Resveratrol supplements do not improve cardiovascular risk markers
This systematic review of trials found that resveratrol supplements do not improve the results of tests that indicate risk of heart disease, including levels of blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol or C-reactive protein. Resveratrol is found naturally in red grapes, other fruits, and nuts. Some researchers think resveratrol in red wine may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease in moderate drinkers, as seen in France. Resveratrol is currently available to buy as a supplement. This revie...
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