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NIHR Signal How to successfully implement a school-based health promotion programme
There are four broad areas to consider when implementing a school-based health promotion programmes: preparing for implementation, introducing a programme within a school, embedding a programme into routine practice, and fidelity of implementation and programme adaptation. This review identified specific factors for success for each. This was based on 22 studies (some of them NIHR-funded) around health promotion interventions in UK schools. Common factors that improved the chances of successful ...
NIHR Signal Designing successful telehealth interventions
This NIHR-funded review identified three general principles for designing effective telehealth programmes for people with long-term health conditions. First, the technologies need to help people living with disease to build effective relationships with doctors, nurses and others.Second, there needs to be a good fit between the technology and everyday routine of the patient. Thirdly, the technology should provide a clear visual record of health results, such as blood glucose readings. The authors...
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