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NIHR Signal Antenatal MRI can aid ultrasound when fetal brain abnormality is suspected
In utero magnetic resonance imaging (iuMRI) can provide a more accurate diagnosis when used after ultrasound in pregnancy. Adding iuMRI when a brain abnormality is suspected but unclear from ultrasound could help clinicians provide better prognostic advice and support to parents during pregnancy. This NIHR-funded cohort study compared ultrasound and iuMRI in 570 women at more than 18 weeks' pregnancy carrying a fetus with a suspected brain abnormality. It found that iuMRI was more accurate ...
NIHR Signal A group weight loss programme shows promise compared with usual approach
A new, intensive NHS group weight management programme was more effective than the more common individual sessions with a practice nurse. In an NIHR-funded trial based in deprived districts in East London, people who took part in the primary care group-based programme lost nearly 2kg more than those who had individual sessions with a nurse. Most of the participants were women, and over a third was from black and minority ethnic groups. Despite the greater intensity and duration of the group pro...
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