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NIHR Signal Statins are of no benefit in acute respiratory distress syndrome
Giving statins to patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome made no difference to the number of days they spent on a ventilator. It also had no effect on mortality or the length of time spent in intensive care or in hospital compared with placebo. In acute respiratory distress syndrome, the lungs become severely inflamed, fill with fluid (pulmonary oedema) and can no longer function. The person needs mechanical ventilation and is at high risk of multiple organ failure and mortality. Thi...
NIHR Signal Preterm babies do not benefit from a new IV feeding regimen
Intravenous feeding solutions with a higher dose of amino acids or solutions containing fish oils do not provide better outcomes for preterm infants. Many preterm babies can’t feed normally for the first few weeks after birth so they are given a mixture of protein, carbohydrate and lipid (oil or fat) intravenously. There is wide variation across the UK in terms of the type, composition and regimen of intravenous feeds. This NIHR-funded NEON trial looked at infants born before 31 weeks. I...
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