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NIHR Signal New screening pathway could help to identify a rare, single-gene form of diabetes
A screening pathway using blood and urine tests followed by two genetic (DNA) tests identified all people with a rare subtype of diabetes called monogenic diabetes. The screening pathway performed better than current practice based on age at diagnosis and family history which misses 63%. It is, therefore, a useful approach for ruling out this form of diabetes and probably cheaper overall than offering every young person with diabetes DNA testing. Monogenic diabetes, caused by a mutation in a si...
NIHR Signal Continuous insulin pumps may help manage poorly controlled type 2 diabetes
Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusions, or pumps, reduced the amount of daily insulin required by 24 units for people with advanced type 2 diabetes compared to multiple daily insulin injections. Average weight did not differ between treatments. This review compared the two treatments in 590 people from five trials and found that the pumps were linked to slightly better control for people on higher doses of insulin and those with poorer glucose control. However, looking at all the people with...
NIHR Signal Education can restore awareness of low blood glucose in people with type 1 diabetes
This systematic review found that a range of educational and technological interventions could help adults with type 1 diabetes regain awareness of when they have low blood glucose (hypoglycaemia). Nearly one in every three adults with type 1 diabetes stops noticing low blood sugar levels. This means they cannot take action quickly to prevent a medical crisis. People with low awareness of their blood sugar levels are six times more likely to have severe hypoglycaemia, which can cause fits and ev...
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