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NIHR Signal Music can reduce pain and anxiety following surgery
Recorded music played before, during or after surgery in adults reduces self-reported post-operative pain and anxiety, compared with usual care. The average effect is equivalent to a reduction in anxiety of 21 percentage points and a 10 percentage point reduction in pain within a few days of surgery. It is thought that placebo and distraction effects probably play a role, but in this review music still improved pain when used for patients under a general anaesthetic. Nearly two-thirds of patie...
NIHR Signal Mesh inserted during stoma formation reduces future hernia risk
A mesh inserted when creating a new stoma reduces the chance of a hernia developing around it (parastomal hernia) from about 37% to 16%. Meaning that about five mesh procedures are needed to prevent one hernia appearing within the first five years. A stoma is an opening of part of the intestine onto the skin, allowing waste products to leave the body. Parastomal hernias, that appear beside the stoma, are a common complication. They can be painful and prevent the stoma from working properly. Th...
NIHR Signal Antibiotics are not necessary for preventing infections following simple hand surgery
Antibiotics did not significantly reduce the number of infections in people with clean wounds who had simple hand surgery, this review found. NICE guidance, published in 2008, recommends that antibiotics are not prescribed for uncomplicated surgery where the wound is clean. The findings of this review support this recommendation. This work also fits with NICE 2015 guidance on antimicrobial stewardship, providing information to improve antibiotic prescribing decisions. Many of the studies incl...
NIHR Signal Preventive antibiotics for gallbladder surgery not required in those at low or moderate risk
Guidelines recommend that antibiotics are only prescribed before gallbladder keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) to those at increased risk of infection. However, 36% of surgeons still prescribe them. This systematic review found that antibiotics given before removing the gall bladder by keyhole surgery for gallstone colic did not reduce the rate of surgical site infection, distant site infections or hospital-acquired infections. Though adverse effects due to the antibiotics were uncommon, inappropria...
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