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NIHR Signal Exercise testing shows potential as a way to identify high-risk patients for abdominal surgery
Cardiopulmonary exercise tests could be used as a risk-stratification tool in the preoperative assessment of patients due to undergo some types of major abdominal surgery. This systematic review found that measuring anaerobic threshold during exercise testing was the most helpful predictor of risk for liver, pancreatic and general abdominal surgery, while peak oxygen uptake was best for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Identifying patients at risk of poor outcomes could help hospitals plan reso...
NIHR Signal Two types of anaesthesia are safe for hip and knee replacements but one may reduce the time spent in hospital by a few hours
Neuraxial anaesthesia, administered around the nerves in the spine, was found to be as safe as general anaesthesia for people undergoing total hip or knee replacements. This review found a similar risk of dying, infection, nerve damage and blood clots in people regardless of the type of anaesthesia. Hospital stay was reduced on average by 0.4 days in the neuraxial anaesthesia group, though the significance to patients or impact on costs was not explored. Using neuraxial anaesthesia took no longe...
NIHR Signal Specialist drugs used for “shock” did not lead to either fewer or extra deaths in some critical care patients
Two types of specialist drug used to treat shock neither increased or reduced deaths of critical care patients. Inotropes and vasopressors are two types of drug that are used to increase and maintain blood flow in patients who are severely ill with critically low blood pressure - a condition known as shock. The drugs are accepted care for severe shock but there has been concern that they may also increase mortality in some situations and their use in less severe shock has been debated. The find...
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