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NIHR Signal Quality improvement collaboratives can improve clinical processes and patient outcomes
Quality improvement collaboratives (QICs) were largely effective across a wide range of healthcare problems and settings. Of the 64 studies included in this systematic review, 53 showed improvement in some of the healthcare processes and patient outcomes that they investigated. A small number of studies also showed that collaboratives were cost-effective, and the improvements were sustainable for at least six months. Collaboratives originated in the US in the late 1980s. They provide opportunit...
NIHR Signal How often do patient safety incidents occur in primary care worldwide?
A review of research from around the world suggests that patient safety incidents in primary care are relatively frequent but most do not result in significant harm to patients. While patient safety in hospitals has been well researched, less is known in primary care. The World Health Organization funded this review. It found that diagnostic and prescribing incidents were most commonly associated with harm to patients. Given the breadth of the review, differences in health systems, variety of s...
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