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NIHR Signal Living kidney donors have only a very small increased risk of kidney failure and pre-eclampsia
Healthy kidney donors, of both sexes, have no extra risk of death or other major chronic diseases amongst donors up to 15 years after donation, except for a small increase in risk of end-stage renal disease. One in 2,000 people per year will develop kidney failure following donation of a kidney compared to one in 10,000 among non-donors. Of donors who become pregnant, three extra in 100 women will have pre-eclampsia. This part NIHR-funded systematic review and meta-analysis included 52 studies....
NIHR Signal Blood test and ECG may safely rule out heart attack
A high sensitivity troponin test accurately ruled out a heart attack amongst a third of patients presenting to the emergency department with chest pain. A patient with no detectable troponin and normal electrocardiogram was almost certain not to have had a heart attack. Many people come to hospital with chest pain, but more than 75% of them have not had a heart attack. The two tests accurately ruled out heart attack in 30% of all chest pain presentations, but more than a third of people who did...
NIHR Signal Online education, pain coaching and advice by video conference can reduce knee pain
For people with chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis, a programme including online education, interactive pain coaching and physiotherapy advice from a professional by skype gave greater improvement in pain and function at nine months than online education alone. The small randomised control trial included 148 adults aged 50 or over in Australia. Clinically meaningful improvements in pain and physical function were achieved by around three-quarters of the comprehensive intervention group compa...
NIHR Signal New evidence available on corticosteroids added to antibiotics in severe pneumonia
For adults admitted to hospital with severe pneumonia, this review found that adding corticosteroids to the usual antibiotic treatment may be beneficial. The evidence was less supportive of using corticosteroids in people with less severe pneumonia. Results showed modest benefits in allowing patients to reach a clinically stable recovery and leave hospital an average of one day earlier. Reduced need for artificial breathing support was the main benefit for people with non-severe pneumonia. The r...
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