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NIHR Signal Faecal transplant effectively treats recurrent or unresponsive Clostridium difficile
Using a faecal microbiota transplant cured 92% of people with Clostridium difficile that had recurred or had not responded to antibiotics. Faecal transplant also had a lower risk of treatment failure than the antibiotic vancomycin. C. difficile is a potentially serious infection of the gut that can occur after a course of antibiotics unbalances the gut bacteria. Faecal transplant uses the diluted faeces of a healthy person delivered into the guts of the person with C. difficile to rebalance the...
NIHR Signal Tenofovir reduces mother-to-child hepatitis B transmission
Giving pregnant women with hepatitis B the drug tenofovir reduced the likelihood of passing the infection on to their baby by about 80% and did not have any adverse impact on mother or child. Hepatitis B often doesn't cause any obvious symptoms in adults and typically passes in a few months without treatment, but in children it often persists for years and may cause progressive liver damage with cirrhosis and increased risk of liver cancer. Babies can get the infection from their mother dur...
NIHR Signal Risks and benefits of ondansetron for children with acute gastroenteritis
Giving ondansetron to children with acute gastroenteritis can stop vomiting, reduce the risk of oral rehydration treatment failing, and reduce the chances of needing intravenous rehydration. But the drug can worsen diarrhoea symptoms. This systematic review looked for evidence about ondansetron’s effectiveness in stopping vomiting and for any impact on diarrhoea or other side effects. Only five out of the 10 included trials reported on diarrhoea related outcomes and they all used differen...
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