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NIHR Signal Infant diets that include egg or peanut products appear to reduce food allergies
Certain allergenic foods introduced to an infant’s diet while weaning appear to reduce the chance of developing food allergies. This high quality review, including studies published this year, suggests that historical recommendations to delay the introduction of peanut and other allergenic foods to infant child’s diet in the first year of life may have been mistaken. The methodological limitations in some studies included in this review, reduce our certainty in the degree of benefit...
NIHR Signal Early exposure to peanut snacks can lead to sustained protection in high-risk children
Early exposure, up to age five, to peanut products in children with severe eczema or egg allergy appears to induce tolerance that is sustained when peanut products are later avoided, suggesting it is not necessary to keep eating peanuts long term. This trial and its follow up study examined the effect of giving peanut products to very young children (aged four to 11 months) who were at high risk of peanut allergy. Children given regular peanut butter snacks until five years of age were much les...
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