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NIHR Themed Review Improving Care By Using Patient Feedback
Both staff and patients want feedback from patients about the care to be heard and acted upon and the NHS has clear policies to encourage this. Doing this in practice is, however, complex and challenging. This report features nine new research studies about using patient experience data in the NHS. These show what organisations are doing now and what could be done better. Evidence ranges from hospital wards to general practice to mental health settings. There are also insights into new ways o...
NIHR Themed Review Moving Matters - Interventions to increase physical activity
Being active matters because it is an important way of staying healthy. We know that people can reduce their risk of many serious diseases by staying physically active. Activity is also important for mental wellbeing and keeping socially connected. Finding enjoyable ways to be active can benefit people in so many ways. But it is often hard for people to start and keep the habit of regular activity. Around a quarter of people are inactive and less than two thirds meet recommended activity levels....
NIHR Themed Review Staffing on Wards - Making decisions about healthcare staffing, improving effectiveness and supporting staff to care well
The nature of patient needs and ward activity is changing. Inpatients tend to be more ill than they used to be, many with complex needs often arising from multiple long-term conditions. At the same time, hospitals face the challenges of a shortage and high turnover of registered nurses. Staffing on wards is the latest Themed Review from the NIHR Dissemination Centre. It presents recent evidence from NIHR-funded research, including studies on the number of staff needed, the support workforce an...
NIHR Themed Review Help at home - Use of assistive technology for older people
More people are living longer with complex conditions and needs. Technology can help people to stay living well and safely at home as they get older. But technology is changing rapidly and it can be challenging to get the right technology for the right person with the right support. There has been considerable investment recently in developing and evaluating assistive technologies for older people. But this is a relatively new field and there are important gaps in what we know. This review pres...
NIHR Themed Review Moving Forward - Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal health and wellbeing
Muskuloskeletal problems are the leading cause of pain and disability in the UK. Characterised by pain and loss of function, these conditions can diminish quality of life, impact on family and social relationships, make everyday activities difficult and limit a person’s capacity to work. Physiotherapy is important for preventing and reducing the negative impacts of musculoskeletal conditions. Moving Forward provides an overview of research funded by the NIHR and others, focusing on physiothera...
NIHR Themed Review Forward Thinking - NIHR research on support for people with severe mental illness
Severe mental illness (SMI) affects somewhere between one in one hundred and one in two hundred adults. People with severe mental illness, like schizophrenia, psychosis or bipolar disorder, often experience poorer health and, as a result, die sooner than others. Psychotic illnesses can have a profound effect on people and their families, and appropriate and effective interventions are needed. Forward Thinking provides an overview of recent published research, funded by the NIHR, on support for ...
NIHR Themed Review Comprehensive Care - Older People Living with Frailty in Hospital
People are living longer and many are enjoying healthy lives. However, a significant percentage of older people are particularly vulnerable to even relatively minor changes in their circumstances, and so need particular attention when admitted to a hospital. Comprehensive Care looks at the concept of ‘frailty’ in older people living in hospital. It brings together NIHR research on what can be done to identify and manage the needs of this group of people and avoid potential problems. With the ri...
NIHR Themed Review Advancing Care - Research with Care Homes
There are more than twice as many people living in care homes in England and Wales, than there are people staying in hospital. Yet we know far more about effective treatments in hospital and less about what works most effectively to improve care for older people in care homes. Research in care homes is a relatively new and emerging field. Advancing Care provides an overview of recent NIHR research on improving the health and care of care home residents. It highlights current research taking pla...
NIHR Themed Review Roads to Recovery - Organisation and Quality of Stroke Services
Stroke is a devastating disease affecting many people as well as being an area of substantial health and care spend. It represents around 5% of total NHS costs and is the fourth largest cause of death in the UK. Recent years have seen huge improvements in the clinical management of people with stroke with early assessment, use of thrombolysis and better organisation of services into acute stroke units. Over the last twenty years, stroke mortality rates have halved. Yet providing the right care ...
NIHR Themed Review Better Beginnings - improving health for pregnancy
Being healthy is the best start to pregnancy for a woman and child. Preparing for pregnancy can focus attention on health, such as eating a healthy balanced diet or losing excess weight, as well as avoiding risks from smoking, alcohol and drug use. Ensuring the best care for long-term physical and mental health conditions is important for a healthy pregnancy, as well as addressing complex social needs. Getting the best start in life for children is a UK policy priority, focused on preventing pr...
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