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NIHR Signal Levetiracetam is a useful alternative to phenytoin in stopping prolonged epileptic seizures in children

Levetiracetam is as effective as phenytoin at stopping prolonged epileptic seizures in children. In this trial, levetiracetam stopped 70% of children convulsing compared with 64% for phenytoin within 35 to 45 minutes. Adverse events were similar. This combined with the fact levetiracetam may be easier to administer safely make it an important... Read More

  • 16 July 2019
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NIHR Signal Transvaginal ultrasound and MRI achieve similar accuracy for diagnosing lower bowel endometriosis

Transvaginal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are both accurate ways to diagnose the most severe form of deep endometriosis affecting the bowel. By using both transvaginal ultrasound and MRI, the chance of non-invasively and accurately diagnosing endometriosis of the lower bowel rises to nearly 100%.

This review and... Read More

  • 16 July 2019
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NIHR Signal Routine use of progesterone does not prevent miscarriage

Progesterone did not affect the chance of live birth among women presenting with vaginal bleeding in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Live birth rates were 72% with placebo and 75% with progesterone, which is not a clinically or statistically important difference.

Progesterone has been prescribed for threatened miscarriage in some centres since ... Read More

  • 16 July 2019
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NIHR Signal Insights into the transfer between children’s and adults’ services for young people with selected long-term conditions

How young people with type 1 diabetes, autistic spectrum disorder and cerebral palsy experience the transition to adult services depends on their condition and locality. Adult and children’s services need to work together to ensure they are offering young people the sources of support and resilience they need.

This NIHR-funded study found ... Read More

  • 16 July 2019
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Pregnancy Picture

NIHR Signal Placental growth factor testing can speed up diagnosis of pre-eclampsia

Measuring the level of placental growth factor (PlGF) in women with suspected pre-eclampsia helps to reduce the time to diagnose pre-eclampsia from 4 days to 2 days. PlGF testing is also associated with fewer adverse outcomes for mothers.

In this NIHR-funded trial, the test results were used alongside the NICE clinical management algorithm to... Read More

  • 9 July 2019
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