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Surgeon passing scalpel to other surgeon in surgery.

NIHR Signal Fewer wound hernias occur if mesh is used to reinforce abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery

Mesh reinforcement may result in patients developing fewer hernias at the incision site after aortic aneurysm surgery. This type of hernia is a common complication of midline (vertical) incisions and can cause pain and restrict everyday activities.

Although using mesh was linked with fewer incisional hernias, this systematic review could not... Read More

  • 18 September 2018
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Nurse and Doctor talking to child patient in wheelchair

NIHR Signal General hospital care for children with learning disabilities has scope for improvement

Less than half of NHS staff surveyed said they were routinely informed that a child has learning disabilities through a dedicated flagging system on admission.

Many general hospital staff lack confidence and organisational support in providing care for children and young people with learning disabilities. In an NIHR national hospital... Read More

  • 18 September 2018
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Infant being given oxygen

NIHR Signal High-flow oxygen therapy may have a role in treating infants with more severe bronchiolitis

A randomised controlled trial of 1,472 infants with bronchiolitis found that more children improved when started on high-flow oxygen therapy than with standard oxygen therapy. 

Those who failed to improve on standard therapy were switched to high flow oxygen. Most then improved - overall, similar numbers were transferred to intensive care. ... Read More

  • 18 September 2018
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Woman being induced

NIHR Signal Inducing labour at or after 41 weeks reduces risks to infants

Inducing labour after the due date slightly lowers the risk of stillbirth or infant death soon after birth compared with watchful waiting. But the overall risk is very low. Induced deliveries may reduce admissions to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Pregnant women having induced labour are less likely to have a caesarean section than those who ... Read More

  • 11 September 2018
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Patient taking medication and being advised by doctor

NIHR Signal People take prescribed statins more reliably after discussing their advantages and disadvantages

Patients want to know more about how statins work, the reasons for prescribing them and their possible side effects.

Statins lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of recurrent stroke or heart attack. They also help prevent cardiovascular disease developing in people at high risk. At a population, level statins reduce the overall incidence of... Read More

  • 11 September 2018
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