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Improving Child Oral Health: Cost Analysis of a National Nursery Toothbrushing Programme

Published on 26 August 2015

Anopa, Y.,McMahon, A. D.,Conway, D. I.,Ball, G. E.,McIntosh, E.,Macpherson, L. M.

PLoS One Volume 10 , 2015

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METHODS: Estimated costs of the nursery toothbrushing programme in 2011/12 were requested from all Scottish Health Boards. Unit costs of a filled, extracted and decayed primary tooth were calculated using verifiable sources of information. Total costs associated with dental treatments were estimated for the period from 1999/00 to 2009/10. These costs were based on the unit costs above and using the data of the National Dental Inspection Programme and then extrapolated to the population level. Expected cost savings were calculated for each of the subsequent years in comparison with the 2001/02 dental treatment costs. Population standardised analysis of hypothetical cohorts of 1000 children per deprivation category was performed. RESULTS: The estimated cost of the nursery toothbrushing programme in Scotland was pound1,762,621 per year. The estimated cost of dental treatments in the baseline year 2001/02 was pound8,766,297, while in 2009/10 it was pound4,035,200. In 2002/03 the costs of dental treatments increased by pound213,380 (2.4%). In the following years the costs decreased dramatically with the estimated annual savings ranging from pound1,217,255 in 2003/04 (13.9% of costs in 2001/02) to pound4,731,097 in 2009/10 (54.0%). Population standardised analysis by deprivation groups showed that the largest decrease in modelled costs was for the most deprived cohort of children. CONCLUSIONS: The NHS costs associated with the dental treatments for five-year-old children decreased over time. In the eighth year of the toothbrushing programme the expected savings were more than two and a half times the costs of the programme implementation.