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NIHR Themed Review Better Beginnings - Improving health for pregnancy

Published February 2017

doi: 10.3310/themedreview-001598

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Being healthy is the best start to pregnancy for a woman and child. Preparing for pregnancy can focus attention on health, such as eating a healthy balanced diet or losing excess weight, as well as avoiding risks from smoking, alcohol and drug use. Ensuring the best care for long-term physical and mental health conditions is important for a healthy pregnancy, as well as addressing complex social needs.

Getting the best start in life for children is a UK policy priority, focused on preventing problems and early intervention to improve outcomes. NIHR research evidence into modifiable factors to influence health before, during and after pregnancy is growing and helping to inform policy and practice. 

DOI: 10.3310/themedreview-001598 

Better BeginningsBetter Beginnings - Improving health for pregnancy 

This themed review brings together NIHR research on different aspects of health before, during and after pregnancy. It features:

  • 46 published studies
  • 28 ongoing studies or interim results
  • Questions for clinicians, commissioners, public health professionals and others

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